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Great things will happen next Monday, February 29
Hi [fname],

We are back with big news!
Yes... and a big email too but full of interesting news and a surprise for all of you, early adopters.
Leaving "Open Beta" on February 29
TTS Corporate is moving out from "Open Beta" and naturally that brings changes!
The changes that early adopters asked for through all the feedback shared with us.

The new version of TTS Corporate will be released on February 29, a more mature TTS Corporate but one that will continue to have the irreverence necessary to innovate and empower travel agents to be the consultant and partner companies need and expect.
The Pricing Model agencies asked for
Moving out of "Open Beta" means also that the pricing model will take effect.

However, the agencies community has clearly stated they would prefer granular pricing instead of the plans approach.
It made complete sence so we change it!

In the new version, agencies can also use TTS Corporate for free and the plans are replaced with pricing per content/feature to enable you to manage your cost effectively and pay only for what you really need.
Rewarding early adopters
It's not easy to be an early adopter, it means you have a say on how the solution evolves but on the other side it's tough, some features are missing and there's bugs.

We know and highly appreciate your effort and as a token of appreciation, we will be rewarding all early adopters with 1,000 USD credit which can be used on TTS Corporate advanced features exclusively provided by TTS.

The 1,000 USD credit will be available on the 29th and valid until August 31, 2016 23:59 GMT.
What's new
Disrupting what has been complex and expensive to build a Corporate Booking Solution for everyone
Low Cost Carriers content
Integration of generic and agency custom content from low cost carriers and ability to define, globally or per company, fees, carrier preferences, payment logic, and if the option of creating passive GDS segments is selected you can also set specific queues for this content.
Fastest search response time
We have put a lot of effort improving our content search response time to be the fastest CBT search engine around and we made it. Companies have no time to lose, so performance is key thus being one of our commitments in which we will continue to invest.
By letting travel agencies activate the content and features per company, customization offers travel agencies the ability to tailor the tool according to their own and their companies' specific needs allowing travel agencies to offer their clients a solution as settings-rich as each client wants.
Add Funds
This area lets travel agencies add funds to the application, which are used to pay for the costs associated with the non-free available contents and features.
Current Account
It shows you the current balance of your current account and lets you also track all the transactions related with the non-free content and features.
Set of reports, mainly focused on allowing agencies and companies to export all relevant data from the system for offline handling.
This area allows you to easily track information about changes made in the application namely content and feature status changes.
MIR Generation
Option to generate MIR (Machineable Interface Record) at booking time enabling travel agencies to integrate booking information into their back-office systems. Only available for Apollo and Galileo.
Some areas have been reorganized to offer a more intuitive experience so you will easily get used to it.
Downtime to publish the new version
To release TTS Corporate's new version, the application will be offline during the following period:
February 29, from 09:00 to 13:00 GMT.
During this period the application will not be accessible.
All users will receive an email communicating the downtime.
What you have to do when the new version comes out
When the new version is released, the content and features available for customization will not be activated and you will need to customize the tool by subscribing the content and features each company needs. When you log in, the application will guide to do it. You can use the credits we are offering your agency to pay for the non-free features you need to activate.
We will not activate them on your behalf because we have no way to know which are the companies you use just for testing or demo purposes.

All the settings you have already in place will be saved so there is no need to set up everything again.

If a company user logs in the application before you have activated content for its company, he will not be able to book and a message to contact you will be shown. We recommend that you alert your companies accordingly.

On the release date we will send an email with more information.
What's next
We have a huge roadmap for this year and as you read this, our development team is already actively working on the next version and you can expect new awaited and surprising contents and features every other month.

And because we are as excited as you are curious, we will unveil a small part of what you can expect this year:
  • Additional content types like Taxi, Transfers, Rail and others;
  • Revenue, yes revenue! Some of the new content types will not be paid, will not be free, they will actually generate revenue for travel agencies every time their customers book them.
Thank you for your trust
Thank you for your trust and for taking the time to get back to us with suggestions and ideas, to help us shape TTS Corporate to be the Corporate Booking Tool you need, and for the enthusiasm you have put in it.
New version update
On the release date, we will send you an email with more details about what's new, what changes and more information to help you adjust to this new version in case you have doubts.
We will talk again next week!
Keep sending us your questions, doubts, feedback and suggestions to
We are always happy to hear from you!
Best Regards,
Susana Gonçalves
Product Manager @ TTS
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