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Leaving open beta and rewarding early adopters with over half a million dollars
Hi [fname],

Here are the news you have been waiting for!
Yes... the email is kind of long but there is a lot of things to talk about and, you'll see, once you start reading you will not want to stop.
Leaving "Open Beta" on February 29
TTS Corporate is moving out from "Open Beta" and naturally that brings changes! The changes our clients asked for through all the feedback shared with us directly and through you. Thank you for a great partnership.

The new version of TTS Corporate will be released on February 29th, a more mature TTS Corporate but one that will continue to have the irreverence necessary to innovate and empower travel agents to be the consultant and partner companies need and expect.
The Pricing Model Agencies Want
Moving out of "Open Beta" means also that the pricing model will take effect, but rest assured the ability to use it for free will continue to exist!

During the "Open Beta", phase clients' feedback revealed that they found the existence of plans and add-ons somewhat confusing and that they would feel more comfortable paying only for what their companies needed instead of subscribing plans with packs of features which companies only needed one or a small part.

And they were right! So we simplified the pricing to meet their business model.

TTS Corporate continues to be available for free meaning travel agencies can actually use it for free for all companies or subscribe, per company, only the advanced content and features each company needs. If at a certain time, a company doesn't need a specific advanced feature anymore, the travel agency just needs to unsubscribe to remove the unecessary cost.
And yes, free will always be around!
Rewarding early adopters with over a half million dollars
TTS Corporate aims to democratize CBTs, to allow any travel agency to offer a CBT to their corporate clients, small, medium and even to the big ones if what they wish is simplicity and easy to use features.

To accomplish that, we listen to what travel agencies and their clients have to say and that has been one of our core values. That's why we have decided to open TTS Corporate for use at an early stage, allowing travel agents and companies to use it, benefit from it and help us build the CBT they actually need.

Such trust at an early stage and dedication and involvement in building TTS Corporate, from so many travel agencies, could not pass without being celebrated and rewarded, so we decided to give all the travel agency early adopters a credit of 1,000 USD which can be used in activating TTS Corporate advanced features (exclusively provided by TTS), summing up more than half a million dollars in credits being offered.
What makes TTS Corporate different
Disrupting what has been complex and expensive to build a Corporate booking Solution for everyone
One minute registration
Travel agencies can self-register in less than a minute and then create their companies, customize TTS Corporate per company, set it up and start using it. There are no adoption risks.
Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan
TTS Corporate integrates with and only Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan, giving Travelport the competitiveness advantage of being the only GDS that can offer a CBT which pricing model makes it a real option for any of its travel agencies' subscribers.
Offers multiple content
Offers multiple content types, like network and low cost carriers, hotels and rent-a-car. We will continue to add more content to TTS Corporate, so it can be the companies' gate to all business trip related services. This year you can expect new content types like Taxi, Transfers, Rail and others.
Fastest search response time
We have put a lot of effort improving our content search response time to be the fastest CBT search engine around and we made it. Companies have no time to lose, so performance is key thus being one of our commitments in which we will continue to invest.
By letting travel agencies activate the content and features per company, customization offers travel agencies the ability to tailor the tool according to their own and their companies' specific needs allowing travel agencies to offer their clients a solution as settings-rich as each client wants.
Travel corporate compliance
Because autonomy means more productivity, travellers' autonomous booking is widely desired, so TTS Corporate offers travel policy compliance status during all the booking process and applies the applicable approval workflows to guarantee companies' travel rules are respected whenever they exist. It offers an advanced simple and intuitive travel policy set up which covers the most used parameters in the industry.
Aligned with the Travel Agencies Business Model
Without the traditional booking and implementation cost, travel agencies pay only for what they use so they can actually use it for free for all companies or subscribe, per company, only the advanced content and features each company needs. There are no commitments of any kind. Through the advanced settings available for each content type, like Fees, Preferences, payment methods setup among others, agencies insert per company the business rules agreed.
User experience
Simple is our motto! And note, simple doesn't mean less, it just means simple to use. Legacy CBTs are known for having complex configuration schemes that usually need specialized and full dedicated teams just to setup and maintain who to start using these systems need long training. Well, TTS Corporate couldn't be more different and to accomplish our mission to democratize CBTs, we had to be, since most part of travel agencies with SMEs travel business couldn't have those teams. So, TTS Corporate is really simple to customize and set up for the travel agency, no training needed since our on boarding and intuitive experience helps users to understand their ways around the application and get the work done and the booking experience is pretty much like online booking making it as simple as it gets.
Runs on desktop, laptop, hybrid and mobile
TTS Corporate is a web-based application and it's available for iOS and Android in the respective app stores thus supporting all devices, desktop, laptop, hybrid and mobile, giving the traveller the mobility he needs to plan his business trips.
What's next
We have a huge roadmap for this year and as you read this, our development team is already actively working on the next version and you can expect new awaited and surprising contents and features every other month.
Thank you for a great partnership
Thank you for your trust and enthusiasm around TTS Corporate, for sharing with us the feedback you receive from your clients and your own suggestions, for being part of this adventure of building a corporate booking solution for everyone, for wanting to change the travel industry as much as we.

It's with great joy and proud we see TTS Corporate be an argument Travelport already uses with success to gain and retain clients.
New version materials update
On the release date, we will send you an email with the links to all the new version updated information like website, new pricing, collateral materials and the new video about TTS Corporate.
We will talk again next week!
If you have any commercial questions, please contact
Keep sending us your questions, doubts, feedback and suggestions to
We are always happy to hear from you!
Best Regards,
Eduardo Leão
Sales & Account Manager @ TTS


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